Continuing Professional Development

The Sheffield Centre for Massage Training offers a range of professional courses to help qualified massage therapists develop their practice.

    Post Graduate Diploma in Holistic Therapeutic Sports & Remedial Massage
    01/04/2017 - 05/05/2018
    10:00 am - 5:30 pm
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    Understanding active 3and applying sports & remedial techniques is critical to aiding athletes as well as non-athletes with injury rehabilitation and prevention, postural issues and symptoms of common pathologies. With SCMT you will be immersed in an exciting and challenging training programme. You will gain in depth knowledge and experience to enable you to work with a broad range of individuals. Every one of your clients will benefit from this targeted approach to massage, and being able to deliver specific techniques with a holistic view will open up a new client base.


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    Indian Head Massage
    28/05/2017 - 03/09/2017
    10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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    A fusion of Ancient & 21st Century Wisdom

    Indian Head Massage originated from the subcontinent and is part of Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine). Clothed, seated massage is commonplace in India and is a casual, stress management approach in many households. Because of it’s versatility and portability Indian Head Massage has caught on in the West. The recipient of Indian Head Massage can wear light weight, loose clothes and can receive this kind of treatment indoors or outside – get ready for the festival period!.  Indian Head Massage is a treatment that your clients will love and it has many different applications including a marketing tool to promote your practice.

    The SCMT Indian Head Massage Course 2017 spans 4 months and includes:

    Training days: Sunday 28th May, Sunday 18th June, Student clinic working with members of the public at the Stillpoint Practice on Saturday 1st July. Training day: 6th August**This day is taught by Dr Anand Nair who is visiting England from Kerala, South India. A public event, outdoors in a gazebo – at South Yorkshire Festival, Wortley Hall, Sheffield – Sunday 13th August, see Theory of traditional Indian Head Massage including related conditions & contraindications, a one hour written exam & a practical assessment with a member of the public: 3rd September

    NB: A period of practice, study and reflective recording away from the course is to be carried out.

    To gain the Sheffield Centre for Massage Training diploma in Indian Head Massage all elements of the course must be completed.



    What's Ayurveda? With Mr Prasad & Dr Anand
    8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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    To celebrate the forthcoming 5 Day SCMT summer school in August, SCMT is running a short event with Dr Anand Nair & Mr Prasad Ninan.

    Have you ever heard of Ayurveda? Ayur = Life and Veda = Knowledge/Science therefore Ayurveda is the Knowledge/Science of Life!

    On this evening there will be a presentation,  you will also have opportunity to discover your unique dosha. Don’t know what a dosha is? Come and find out tonight.


    Ayurvedic Experience: a 5 day Summer School
    03/08/2017 - 07/08/2017

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    A unique 5 day event covering 3 Ayurvedic approaches: rejuvenating therapies, Ayurvedic diet detoxification and Yoga. Immerse yourself in all things Ayurveda with Prasad Ninan & Dr Anand P Nair, our visiting tutors from Kerala, South India.

    Ayur = Life & Veda = Knowledge. For 5 days you will be transported over sea, back in time as well as journey deep into your own mindbodyspirit. Each day you will explore, learn and experience different health enhancing approaches, treatments and philosophies. You will leave with an increase in knowledge & vitality from our festival of Ayurveda!

    Overview of the programme.

    9am – 10am every morning we will start the day with Ayurvedic Yoga run by Jo Bertoletsos this class may be held outdoors, weather permitting.

    Shirodhara Shutterstock10.15am – 5.30pm for 5 days 7-8 traditional Ayurvedic therapies.

    • Day 1Thursday 3rd August – History of Ayurveda, including origins, Tri Doshas and their significances. Discover your individual constitution/dosha and relate this to the appropriate Ayurvedic diet suited to you. The therapy explored and experienced on this day will be Shirodhara – the deeply relaxing treatment of pouring warm liquid on the third eye.
    • Day 2 Friday 4th August – the therapy explored and experienced on this day will be Abhyanga Snanam – Ayurvedic full body massage. Kati Vasti – oil treatment for lower back ache.
    • Day 3 Saturday 5th August – the therapy explored and experienced on this day will be Udwarthanam (powder massage) & Ayurvedic facial massage. An evening of ayurvedic food & community building.
    • Day 4 Sunday 6th August – the therapy explored and experienced on this day will be Shiroabhyanga – traditional Indian Head Massage.
    • Day 5 Monday 7th August Panchakarma theory. The therapy explored and experienced on this day will be Podi Kizhi –  Massage with herbal bundles.  Padabhyanga – Foot & Leg massage

    A healthy detox for your constitution. Why not undertake an Ayurvedic diet detox during your 5 days? There will be guidance from Dr Anand so that you are cleansing in harmony with your dosha. Daily lunch and dinner dahl provided. Please indicate when booking your place if you’d like to take part.

    NB: The participants will carry out the treatments on each other after instruction from Dr Anand and with supervision from Dr Anand and the SCMT teaching team.

    This non residential event is for qualified Massage Therapists, bodyworkers from all disciplines, Yoga teachers & students or anyone who works in the health and wellbeing industry who has an interest in the traditional Indian approach to health & wellness. If you feel unsure whether this course is for you, please contact

     Summer School 2017     Download PDF brochure: A unique 5 day event 8

    All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance which can be used towards CPD requirements. Please inquire to your professional association for acceptance of the SCMT certificate. NB: The Ayurvedic Experience should be taken at your own risk, if in doubt check with your personal medical advisor.

    Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Dr Vodder Method) Intensive (Basic + Therapy 1)
    11/08/2017 - 22/08/2017

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    NB: This course is in two phases. DATES: AUGUST 11th -15th AND 18th – 22nd 2017


    Manual lymphcapillaryLymphatic Drainage is a gentle, yet powerful technique which speeds
    up the lymphatic system and helps with the removal of waste products from
    the system by decongesting the tissues. By doing this, it is beneficial for a range of conditions (see prospectus). For example, you will be able to provide pain relief in acute cases, as it helps with the reduction of swelling and bruises, and get a different handle on difficult to treat
    chronic conditions, like fibromyalgia and ME. It is great for injury
    treatment, headaches and migraines, frozen shoulders etc. It saves the
    practitioners hands and is physically less demanding than many other forms
    of therapy, and can be used as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with
    other therapies.

    Vodder Training is the most substantial and in-depth training in lymphatic
    drainage up to Therapy 1 practitioner level in the UK and leads to an
    internationally recognised qualification.

    The prerequisite for working with members of the public is the successful
    completion of Basic and Therapy 1. In August 17, these will be taught as an
    Intensive Basic and Therapy 1 course in quick succession– which is how it is
    taught in many European Countries. The format will be 5 days on, 2 days off
    and 5 days on; everything else is to the same, high, standard one expects
    from Dr Vodder Academy International.
    Please note that after successful completion of the Intensive course, you
    will be able to work on people with an intact lymphatic system. In order to
    work with people who have a damaged or insufficient lymphatic system
    resulting in lymphoedema and related conditions, you will also have to
    complete further training (what’s called Therapy 2 and 3) which, if
    successful, results in a qualification in decongestive lymphatic therapy
    (DLT); including bandaging and measuring for and selecting appropriate
    compression garments.

    Deborah Berry has a wonderful, clear way of explaining the complicated
    lymphatic system and is an excellent teacher also for the practical aspects.
    In fact, she is my favourite MLD teacher, hence why we have invited her up
    to teach at the Sheffield Centre for Massage Training!

    This is a unique opportunity for practitioners in and around Sheffield to
    learn this amazing technique, without having to spend a small fortune in
    travel and accommodation. We have just put the course out and are already
    receiving quite a bit of interest, so if you think that this is something
    that you would be interested in, it is probably a good idea to be in touch
    as soon as possible.

    Look forward to hearing back from you!

    Please click on this link for the prospectus.


    Basic Hands Free Massage
    11/11/2017 - 12/11/2017

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    Taught by Darien Pritchard and Craig Foden

    Are you having problems with your hands? – or want to avoid reaching this
    stage! This course is designed to help massage practitioners to save their
    fingers, thumbs and wrists (the most common areas of strain for
    practitioners) while being more effective in applying firm pressure. *So
    don’t wait for strain to develop – act now.*

    Give your hands a holiday and save your career

    This 2-day workshop focuses on *‘soft forearm’* techniques (using the
    bellies of the flexor muscles) that can easily be incorporated into
    familiar massage routines. You’ll learn firm, sweeping strokes and also
    more specific work for the back, the arms and the legs.

    Unfortunately, because the forearms are such powerful massage tools, it’s
    easy to brutalise clients by using them without skill or sensitivity.
    Therefore this course focuses on HOW you use them.
    It covers:
    • Learning to *feel* with the forearm – in order       to *monitor* and
    *adapt* to the client’s responses
    • How to *moderate the pressure* applied
    • How to *blend* these techniques smoothly into massage sessions
    • How to support this with good body-use rather than working too hard with
    your arms and shoulders

    “Clients are often amazed at how deep you can get without it hurting.”
    The weekend includes a short introduction to the other main Hands Free
    Massage tools – the ulna (the ‘hard forearm’) and elbow tools – which are
    used to save the thumbs and fist in specific pressure techniques.

    Darien Pritchard has been using his forearms and elbows for 25 years
    (without which he would have been unable to sustain his career). He was
    particularly inspired by receiving deep tissue and Hawaiian massage
    treatments, and adapted these massage ‘tools’ to deliver ‘Swedish
    Massage-style’ and deep tissue massage techniques. He began calling it
    ‘Hands-Free Massage’ when he started teaching it as a separate course 16 years ago.

    Craig Foden in his massage work and as an MTI tutor advocates dynamic
    movement and bodyuse with hands free massage techniques being intrinsic to
    this process. Utilising efficient movement in practice can save careers!
    Darien and Craig also teach an 8-day Extensive Hands Free Massage training,
    of which these are the first two days.

    Integrating Aromatherapy into your massage practice.

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    Taught by Dr Sarah Bryan

    In the morning you will receive an in-depth introduction to a minimum of 12 Plant-Based Massage Oils. Discover the oils through sight, touch and smell. You can then introduce all base oils into your massage practice for their specific therapeutic effects. In the afternoon you will learn about and work with five specially prepared aromatherapy products. Both elements of the day will give you a whole new dimension to your clinical work.  As a result of this course you will be able to offer enhanced treatments. In addition you will increase the value of what you offer; this will enable you to charge more.

    Massage therapy and aromatherapy are traditionally viewed as two separate disciplines. Massage therapy focuses on manual techniques for soft tissue work and relaxation, often using plain, unscented oil or wax. In contrast, aromatherapy focuses on the specific therapeutic properties of essential and carrier oils, using a relaxation massage routine as a vehicle to introduce the oils into the body. Until now, little emphasis has been placed on enhancing the benefits of holistic, sports and remedial massage techniques with the therapeutic properties of plant-based essential and carrier oils. In this workshop, you will be introduced to 12 plant based vegetable oils and a simple toolkit of five specifically designed products, SB Holistic Magic, which will enable you to safely and easily enhance the benefits of your massage treatments with aromatherapy. You will learn about the therapeutic properties of the key ingredients and how to use the products safely in your practice. You will have the opportunity to explore the products in a range of massage-based activities. By the end of the workshop, you will fully understand the ‘Magic’ range and will be confident to use it for the benefit of your clients. No additional professional liability insurance cover is required.

    The ‘Magic’ range will be available to purchase on the day. A 10% discount will be available to all attendees on the day.

    Dr. Sarah Bryan, Ph.D, MTI (reg’d), MIFPA, CNHC (reg’d

    Sarah is a practitioner member of both the Massage Training Institute (MTI) and the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA). She is also the local Devon champion for the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). Prior to starting her massage and aromatherapy career, she studied speech and language sciences at Sheffield University, graduating with a Ph.D in 2012. She now hopes to use the research experience which she gained in academia to contribute to the development of massage and aromatherapy, as a member of both the IFPA and MTI research groups. Sarah first trained in holistic massage therapy with Vicky Gaughan at the Sheffield Centre for Massage Training, graduating with a diploma in Holistic Therapeutic Massage in 2012. Keen to gain a better understanding of the roll of massage in relation to injuries and medical conditions, she went on to train in holistic sports and remedial massage at the same school, with visiting tutor, Julie Linton, principal of the JL Meridian School of Massage and Bodywork. In 2014, she completed a diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy, with the Penny Price Academy of Aromatherapy. She is currently studying Integrated Myofascial Therapy, with Ruth Duncan and Linda Currey of Myofascial Release UK. She seeks to develop her practice, through the integration of aromatherapy with therapeutic, sports and remedial massage techniques. She firmly believes that clients can greatly benefit from this holistic approach and is keen to share it with other therapists. She has recently worked with Penny Price to develop a range of aromatherapy products specifically designed for remedial massage and bodywork, called ‘Magic’.